Clear Direction Without Limitations


I would like to tell you one beautiful story. It happened at one of the Paralympic Games during the foot race. At the starting line there were people with all kinds of different mental disabilities. After the starting shot everybody started to run. Suddenly one boy fell down and begun to cry. All the competitors stopped, came back, helped him to stand up and then all together reached the finish line.

Such a stupid mind, we can say. But it is very similar to the Bodhisattva vow–until all beings get enlightenment, we will keep practicing. Perhaps it’ll be necessary to always come back to those who fall down or stop practicing. We will have to help them to stand up, to help them all the time, until all the sentient beings achieve enlightenment. But there is no need to be attached even to this. It is important to keep this stupid mind. This kind of mind will show us clear direction, without limitations.