The Kwan Um School of Zen NEEDS YOU!

The KUSZ International Initiative is an executive branch of the School that focuses on global-to-local outreach, media-based School-wide programs and building our ever-growing practicing community. We are currently looking for sangha members to collaborate on the following projects:

Social Media and Communications Strategy

We want to increase our online presence and outreach using social media, audio/video content and public relations in order to attract and spread teaching to a wider and more diverse audience. Skills in social media, photography, video & multimedia are welcome.

Membership and Community Building

The international KUSZ strives to support a strong sangha locally as well as globally, through community outreach, family days, and a variety of together action events. We are always looking for people with ideas & creativity for community-building, local and international outreach and diverse ways to share skills and services.

Finance and Administration

We also need members who have skills in developing fund raising, accounting, administration, and event planning, to support the International KUSZ activities in general.

Talents and skills that we are looking for:

  • Financial consultant
  • Accountant
  • Archivist
  • Social media content manager
  • Marketing strategist
  • Event planner
  • Public relations guru
  • Art director
  • Graphic designer
  • Filmaker
  • Programmer
  • Database administrator
  • AV technician
  • IT technician

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