Our local Zen centers and groups offer many public programs including meditation instructions for newcomers, scheduled group meditation practice, dharma talks, workshops on Zen teachings, outreach programs and residential training programs. Short or long retreats are also offered at various Zen centers worldwide. Many programs are open to beginning students, and are sometimes offered at no charge. Membership-based fee discounts apply depending on the center.  Please contact your local Zen center to find out more about which programs are offered.


In addition to retreats and programs at local Zen centers, the Kwan Um School of Zen also offers these international events:

Sangha weekends are usually centered around a traditional Buddhist celebration, like Buddha’s Birthday, which is celebrated in the springtime. These weekends offer ceremonies, workshops, and community meetings, and are a great opportunity to meet other Zen practitioners, and spend time with teachers and friends.

"Kyol Che” is an intensive Zen retreat, traditionally held for 90 days in summer and winter in monasteries and temples in Korea. The name means “tight dharma” or “coming together.” We continue this tradition by offering Kyol Che retreats twice a year in Asia, Europe, and North America, but with the modern innovation of allowing participation for shorter periods of time. Many students travel to participate in Kyol Che on a different continent in order to practice with new teachers and experience practice with our international community.

The Whole World Is a Single Flower is a triennial Zen conference created by our founding teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, in 1987. Its purpose it to bring people from many different countries and traditions together in the spirit of unity and harmony. Its Hosting the event rotates among the three regions, with each conference focusing on a particular theme. For more information, please visit the WWSF page

International Events Calendar