The Home of the Sangha

Buddha said that human beings originally have no meaning, have no direction, have no sense. And thanks to his teaching we can make, out of this lack of meaning, the great meaning. Out of this lack of direction, big direction, true direction. That's why we need these bright points on the map of the world. Otherwise we are lost. Once Zen Master Un Mun said to his students: "This world is open and wide. Why do you put on your robe on the sound of the bell?" We could ask after Un Mun: "This universe is wide and open. Why make a Zen Center?" Wide and open means everything is complete and free, with no hindrance. Everything is endowed with this Buddha nature from the very beginning. And this whole universe is really a big Zen Center—a wonderful Zen Center. You don't need to open this Zen Center, because it was never closed. But I know and you know, this is only kind speech. Unfortunately we feel a little bit separated from this wide, open home. That's why it is necessary to use these skillful means like making a Zen Center: to find our original way. And finally we can discover the whole universe is our home and the whole universe is our Zen Center. So please take care of this place. It is very very precious. If you want to be supported by this place you must support it too. Cause and effect act very clearly in this world. If you don't support this place, this place won't support you. This place is very, very special. This place is the home of sangha. In this place you can find a mirror in which you can find yourself—your true face. So please take care. Do your best to take care of this place. I wish everybody will. Okay?

From a speech for the opening of Prague Zen Center, 2007.