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In this issue:

"The Teacher Is in Them," by Zen Master Soeng Hyang, Zen Master Wu Kwang

"Cause and Effect Are Clear," by Zen Master Bon Hae

"Teacher and Inner Teacher," by Ja An JDPSN

"Karma Does Not Define Our Situation," by Zen Master Bon Shim

"Tropical Zen: Dealing with Anger," by Zen Master Dae Bong

"Waking Up from the Dream," by Oleg Šuk JDPSN

"The Mountain Is Green and the River Is Flowing," by Zen Master Ji Kwang

"The Wave of Together Action," by Zen Master Joeng Hye

"Ultimate Reality Cannot Be Spoken," by Anne Rudloe JDPSN

"My Son’s Ashes," by John Holland

"Life in the Day of a Head Dharma Teacher," by Colin Beavan

"Practicing as a Lay Dharma-Teacher-in-Training," at Mu Sang Sa Temple by Haeseong

"Gingko," by John Holland

"Book Review: Buddhism beyond Gender," reviewed by Zen Master Bon Hae

"Book Review: Master Ma’s Ordinary Mind," reviewed by Jess Row