Perceive the World’s Situation

This world is changing very quickly. But human beings don’t understand the situation they are in. Some people have strong hopes and others have strong fears about the future. But nobody understands what’s going on. So: suffering. Everywhere is changing: Russia, the European Economic Community, Hong Kong, and also Africa is changing very quickly. But nobody knows what’s going on, and nobody understands their place and their relationship. They only understand their wish. So all human beings always say: “Leave me alone! Just let me live my life and be happy.” It is not possible. We are not separated. So if you attain your true self, it means that you can perceive human beings, you can perceive your situation. Then you can understand this world’s situation. So if you keep clear mind you can perceive human beings; you can perceive your situation. If you cannot keep clear mind, you will never understand your situation. We all understand how quickly this whole world is changing. We cannot keep up with all the things that happen in this world. It’s not possible. Every day, new things, new things, new things . . . changing, changing, changing. The sutras say, “All things are impermanent.” Now you are 20, 40 or 50 years old, but this time and space, from the moment you were born till just now, where did it go? There is no way in the world you can show me where this time and space from the time you were born to just this moment is. All that remains is some vague memory even of yesterday. Even 30 seconds ago you cannot remember. So, if you understand that world, you attain moment world. That means moment to moment, clear, clear, clear. What are you doing just now? If you attain that then you can perceive your situation.