Around, Around, Around

10-Year Memorial Poem for Zen Master Seung Sahn

Birth man, sick man, old-age man, death man

Which one is the true you?1


Two empty hands teaching

In the ten directions

And the six realms

For 55 years2


Who knows where

You are now?3


Lofty Mountain

Pierces heaven and earth

Universe explodes4


(All Together): KATZ!5


Endless blue sky

Somewhere someone is thirsty

What can you do?6




The first time I saw you

The last time I saw you

Who sees who see what?

Clear, clear

White snow in winter. Blue sky in summer.




  1. 1. Why make birth, death and true? Still, there’s something to teach.
  2. 2. No time. No space. No teaching. No poem. No problem.
  3. 3. Never mind the Zen master. Where is his attendant? If you find the attendant, you can find the Zen master.
  4. 4. Aigo! Aigo! Whose dream is this?
  5. 5. Now you’re talking!
  6. 6. Sentient beings are numberless.