After the Body, Where Will It Go?

Two students are holding on to their feelings toward each other and cannot let go. They approach Sifu for help. Sifu: Please drink this cup of water.

Both students drink.

Sifu: Where does the water go?

Both students: To the body.

Sifu: After the body, where will it go?

Both students: To the toilet.

Sifu: Correct! That is the same as our karma and feelings. They are empty because they keep changing.

Both students suddenly can let go of their holding, smile to each other and become friends again.


When feelings and karma appear, this is natural. Our practice is not to attach to it. If we can let go, then we are free from suffering. It is like the water that we drink. First digest it; it becomes energy; and even when we relieve it from our body, it can become something useful: for composting! This is how we correctly use our feelings and karma.