Number One Dancing

Student: We work in the Hong Kong ballet. We work hard everyday to improve, to get better dances. You said before there is no good no bad. So what is the point of working hard, improving our dancing, to become better dancers, if there is no good, no bad? Zen Master Su Bong: There is no point. Why do you do that?

Student: Because it's my work and they pay me money to dance.

Zen Master Su Bong: They give you money to dance, not to think about good and bad. So just do it. You said they give you money to dance, then just dance. They didn't give you money to decide about good dance and bad dance. They give you money to just dance. If you just dance, that's No. 1. But if you have good and bad you cannot do it. You cannot become completely 100% dancer. Because when you are dancing and think: "Oh! That's good," it is already a mistake. Already you lost your dance. 100% dancing is No. 1 good dance. Just do it, OK?

Student: Sometimes you get me confused when you say no good, no bad.

Zen Master Su Bong: Has no good, has no bad. Give me good and bad. You made good and bad. Has good and bad, but that is our idea. Has good and bad but you attach to good and bad, good and bad will kill you. Understand? Has no good. Has no bad. How do you use good? How do you use bad? So just do it. One sutra said: One Zen master said to one great student: "If you attain this and this sutra, you attain Buddha's head and Bodidharma's heart." Then the student said: "Teacher, no thank you." Then the teacher said: "Why? You don't want Buddha's head and Bodidharma's heart?" The student said: "No thank you. I already have one head and one heart. Two is not necessary." Then, this great teacher gave him transmission because he had enough mind, which means moment to moment, this world is already enough. If your mind is clear then this world is enough.