Buddha's Enlightenment Day Poem - 2002

A prince sat downSo long ago Beneath a tree he kept don't know

He saw a star That rose at dawn His mind was clear his ego gone

Not God or Deva did he make What are you then? "I am awake!"

I am awake? Is that the truth? If I were there I'd want some proof

An open mouth A big mistake Could he just be a clever fake?

A thousand sutras His alleged word But they all begin "Thus have I heard"

So much suffering Can we make a dent? With all this talk of enlightenment?

The Buddha came The Buddha went Did he show us what enlightened meant?

Don't ask him Don't ask me Open your eyes then you can see

The Buddha way What does that mean? The sky is blue, tree is green

Chong Hae Sunim JDPS December 1, 2001