Buddha's Birthday Poem 1993

As she reached for a flowering branch in Lumbini garden,Buddha's mother gave birth and soon died. Death is birth; birth is death.

Originally, complete stillness. Where did Shakyamuni come from? Where did Queen Maya go?

Dreaming of an elephant, Siddhartha appeared. Great bodhisattvas gathered here, What is your dream? Is it silence or KATZ? Stone woman dancing with a wooden man? Blue sky, green tree? Birds chirping? Dry shit on a stick? Today is April 3? How may I help you? Only don't know?

Dream within a dream: mother and child never separate, birth and death heal each other. Who can leave the womb of time and space, cause and effect, wake-up, save all beings?


Baby cries, give it milk. Happy Birthday Buddha! Ji Jang Bosal, Buddha's mother.