Practicing is essential

Recently I glanced through a book written by a spiritual teacher. The main point seemed to be that all religious teachings and practices are totally irrelevant because everyone already has "It."

This is almost like Zen teaching, except for the fact that this understanding alone will not help anyone's life. It is very important to realize this understanding in your life. For that, practicing is essential. Our practicing is itself not special; practicing means to keep a clear mind and help others.

While there are many approaches to practicing, practicing with a sangha - together action - is the most powerful. It forces us to confront our limitations, which in turn helps us to overcome our limitations. In the Heart Sutra it says, "The Bodhisattva depends on Prajna Paramita and the mind is no hindrance; without any hindrance no fears exist."

This "no fear" is our human heritage. If you like this, then throw away all thinking; throw away all liking and disliking; throw away even the most profound understanding.

Then, what is this moment's correct job?