Letter From Krzyzstof

Krakow, March 21, 1981 Dear Soen Sa Nim,

Thank you very much for your letter. What are you doing lately?

We are well. When I read your letter I put down translating I Ching and other high class jobs and together with Marek, boy who lives with us, started to work like a postman -- not exactly postman, because we carry telegrams. On the beginning we had some difficulties walking and walking -- rain, snow, eight hours almost every day and checked situation, condition, etc. But soon we became stronger, and also it helps practice, so now I feel we can increase time of sitting to three rounds in the evening instead of one. It means formal morning practice with a half-hour of sitting and evening with one and a half hours. Me and Marek have been practicing for long time, and another boy who lives with us, Czarek, practices sitting and bowing almost all day. Also, other people will come, so we will try this. How is it in American and Korean Zen Centers?

Lately our Zen Center becomes really Zen Center. More and more people are coming and all is progressing step by step. We have this Dharma Energy and it starts to manifest visible for everybody. Thank you for Nam Cheon kong-an. It helps very much - this doing without doing. Few weeks before I felt it is big necessity for me to go to States. Now my job and direction is very clear. Just like this. But anyway I am preparing to visit Providence after your coming here in October. What do you think about it?

For Nam Cheon's kong-an my answer is: I already saved a cat, but where is this cat just now?

Today is beginning of spring. Sun is shining very bright. My child is sleeping on the fresh air. I would like to talk with you very much.

Yours in the Dharma,


May 8, 1981

Dear Krzysztof,

Thank you for your letter. How are you and all the Poland Sangha?

In your letter you said that beginning working as a postman had many difficulties, but that these difficulties made you stronger and helped your practicing. That's wonderful. Also you said that you and Marek and another boy that lives with you will increase your time of sitting. That's also wonderful!

You also say that your Zen Center, step by step, is growing and has much Dharma Energy, and that you plan to visit Providence after my visit to Poland in October. That is very, very wonderful!!!

Next, your answer to Nam Cheon's Cat kong-an: it is not good, not bad. This kong-an is a Great Love, Great Compassion kong-an. If you have Great Love and Great Compassion, then this kong-an is no problem. How much do you love the cat? I will give you a hint:

Long ago there lived a great and wise king whose name was King Solomon. One day two women appeared before him with a baby. One woman said, "This is my baby."

The other woman said, "No! This is my baby." Very much arguing.

Finally King Solomon said, "O.K., since you cannot decide, one of you pull this baby by the feet, the other pull this baby by the hands. Then each of you can have half of the baby."

One of the women began pulling, but the other woman said, "That's O.K., you may have the baby."

Then I ask you, which is the true mother? This kong-an is similar, but the situation is different because many people are fighting about the cat, so only one opinion is not possible. If you only keep Great Love and Great Compassion then an answer is possible, but your answer is like scratching your right foot when your left foot itches. One more step is necessary. If you don't understand, only go straight - don't know, O.K.? Try, try, try for 10,000 years nonstop.

I hope you only go straight -- don't know, which is clear like space, soon finish Nam Cheon's kong-an, get Enlightenment, and save all people from suffering.

Yours in the Dharma,

S. S.