Mind is Like a Blackboard

From a letter: When you don't make 'small I,' and you don't make professor, and you are not attached to the Koan teaching, all thinking returns to your true self and your mind is clear. Mind is like a blackboard. You make pictures on it like 'small I,' professor, mountain, etc. When you erase it, everything disappears, and then you must make only the Bodhisattva picture. That means no desire for myself, only must help all people. So I wish you to PUT IT DOWN PUT IT DOWN PUT IT ALL DOWN

Here is a poem for you:

Color body and Karma (thinking) body come from where? Before thinking there is no name and no form, There is infinite time and infinite space. The children chase butterflies with a net, Wind comes and an apple falls to the ground from a tree.

I hope you will get enlightenment soon and become a great man.

See you soon,