Ten Thousand Demons Appear

From a letter to a student in retreat: I hope you are victorious over all demons. If you think, ten thousand demons appear. If you cut off all thinking, you will create the clear mind. Then you will get freedom, and no hinderance. I will now ask you a big question: 'If a person comes to Sambosa smoking a cigarette, and blows smoke and drops ashes on the Buddha, and if you are a master, what can you do?' I wish that you will soon attain enlightenment.

From a letter to the same student on the end of his retreat:

Here is a poem for you.

A great man goes on a hundred day retreat. He makes many demons, many gods, many animals, and many Buddhas. One hundred days are the same as the space of one breath. You have brushed off all dust, and have breathed in the sky and ground. The great path is in the palm of your hand, and the great freedom is in your feet. Spring comes, flowers are blooming everywhere.

See you later,

S. S.