Fear and Sadness

Dear Global Sangha,

I just want to write a few words of encouragement… I am really sad and worried about global politics, our earth’s health and all aspects of human ignorance.

Do you feel encouraged yet? I bet not.

What I try to do (I remember about 80% of the time), is to let my sadness and worry sink from my head to my belly. It takes about 3 precious breaths. As it slowly drops down, I own my fears and sadness 100%. It comes from me. Originally there is no inside and outside, no me, no other. There is “This.” This moment, this opinion, this condition, this situation.

With the breath in the belly, with sadness and fear, I ask three questions that are all the same question: How can I help? What am I? What it this?

Then I listen to Don’t Know. This universe is don’t know, and the universe is full of wisdom and compassion.

Kwan Seum Bosal means, “Listen to the cries of the universe.” Cry, fear and enter the lessons the universe is always giving us. Hell is heaven, heaven is hell. We need to unconditionally move into our life, and because of our fear and sadness, we find ways to use our vow and direction to help this world.

—Zen Master Soeng Hyang (Bobby)