Have a Mind Revolution

When humans are born, we have two main concerns: eating and sleeping. And we are not thinking about them either; we just do it. Then when we are not satisfied, we scream. We have no thought of you and me. As we grow, the other desires appear. Buddha said very clearly that humans have five main desires: food, sleep, sex, money, fame. As we grow these five desires all become stronger.

One thing we should consider about fame: fame is not only that I want to be on television or in a magazine; fame means I want attention from others. So everybody has fame karma, even if we don't care about the television, magazines and so on. Still we want attention from others. Probably the last desire to really appear in our life is money. Nowadays that is the number-one desire in the world. Human society now has no direction. Doesn't matter what system we have, everybody wants money.

It doesn't matter whether you get a wonderful government, a successful situation or anything, the root of our suffering comes from the false idea of I. If you are not sure of that, conduct your own experiment: spend some time every day and investigate I. Ask yourself What am I? What am I? Am I this body? This mind? These emotions?... Look at your own body and ask, is that me? Is my consciousness me? Is my emotion me? What am I? You don't know! If you look into that, you will have a mind revolution.