Already Truth


Everything is already truth, so everything coexists with no hindrance. For example, here is space. Clouds are constantly coming and going. Rain comes, and rain goes. Lightning comes and goes. Wind comes and goes, back and forth, back and forth. Storms appear and disappear all the time. But though these things ceaselessly come and go in space, space is not hindered by them in the least, because space is complete emptiness. Clouds and rain and wind and sun and night and day are not hindered by one another. Your mind is exactly the same. If you practice meditation with great determination, you can completely attain the fundamental emptiness of this universe. Then when feelings come and go, and thinking comes and goes, and good situations come and go, and bad situations appear and disappear, nothing can hinder you at all. Everything is empty! When happiness appears, you can use that for other beings. When suffering appears, you can use suffering to help other beings. You can use good situations and bad situations, good experiences and bad experiences only to help all beings get out of suffering, because all these "things" are completely empty, and this emptiness is our originally compassionate nature.