Only Go Straight Is Your True Job

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Only go straight is your true job. Only go straight “don’t know” — then everything becomes clear. If you are thinking, thinking, thinking, then this is not yours. Then everything is just talk talk talk! Sky never said, “I am blue.” Tree never said, “I am a tree.” American dogs say, “Bow wow.” Korean dogs say, “Wong wong.” Polish dogs say, “How how.” Which is correct dog barking? [laughter] You don’t understand? These are just human ideas of a dog barking, not a true dog barking. Your ideas control you, so most important is to take away your idea. That means, don’t keep your mind here [indicates his head]. If you keep your mind here, your understanding will control you. Other people’s ideas will control you. If you keep your mind here [indicates tantien], then your original mind will appear, your love and compassion mind. This is the tantien point, one inch below your navel. Always keep your attention here, breathing slowly. Five seconds breathing in with your stomach becoming bigger, and then ten seconds breathing out. Slow, slow, breathing out. Try, try, try, okay? Then your center will become stronger and stronger. Then you can see clearly, hear clearly and smell clearly — everything becomes clear! “Clear” means you attain truth. And then, how does truth function to help all beings? If you attain the answer to that question then the direction of your life will become clear.