You Can Get Everything

At one time a very interesting monk came to visit us; his name was Muhen Roshi. He was an old Japanese monk and he was very kind, gentle and soft-spoken—it was really nice to be around him. He somewhat reminded me of Maha Ghosananda. And he had also a very interesting ability; he could heal people by touching their bodies. At one of the meetings with him in Krakow Zen Center, we had some time to ask him questions. One person was going through some problems in her life at that time and she asked Muhen Roshi: "Roshi, if you have a serious problem, or if you want to help somebody, what kind of practice is good for that purpose; what can you do?" And the Roshi just smiled, and said, "Oh, that's very simple, just do Kanzeon." (Kanzeon is the Japanese name for Kwan Seum Bosal.) "Do a lot of chanting of Kanzeon, and then you will get it." And then he smiled again, and he said, "You may get not what you wanted, but you will get it!"

So, it's the same teaching. If you don't make anything, then you can get everything, because this moment [hit] already contains everything and it's already complete. If we want something, then we are just adding something to it. If we put it all down, then everything is ours. It is very, very simple, but often very difficult to do. So, it all comes from our mind. Keep it clear, no problem. Get attached to whatever arises in it, don't be surprised! As one of the sutras says, when mind appears, then everything appears.