No Room For Suffering

Every moment we have this: If you just do it, if you just follow your everyday life with an open mind, with an awakened mind, and just react to this moment, then there is no place for suffering. Even if this moment is pain, even if there is some pain, if you just go through this pain with this mind then this is not suffering. Suffering means we do not accept our life, and we don’t follow our everyday life, our life in this moment. But we follow our dream life. We want something else. We are not happy with what we have.

Everything is changing in this world. In this moment [hits the floor with the Zen stick] nothing is changing. You cannot catch this changing, because it is changing, so you cannot catch nothing. You cannot keep anything. But if you don’t try to catch it, if you just accept this moment—[hits the floor with the Zen stick.] What are you doing in this moment? What is the situation? What is your relationship with everything that is around? And, if you just decide to do one step, because that is what you can do, that is what we always do, no matter if we are awake or in a dream, we always decide in this moment what step to do next. If we are awake then this step is awake. There is no place for suffering, there is no room for suffering here.

Igor Pininski JDPSNteachings