Guests Passing By

Have you ever felt like we are just guests passing by? It doesn’t matter who you are or what experience you have—after all, it will not remain the same. 2019 is replacing 2018. What you have accomplished and not accomplished, both, you cannot keep. The one thing we can keep is being grateful.

We are grateful to have been born as humans because we were given a chance to grow and learn. So many people have shared their knowledge and experiences with us. So many opportunities have been given to us. Most importantly, we met the Dharma and have keen-eyed teachers to show us the way to practice, become free from suffering, and attain true freedom.

May we always keep this attitude of gratitude in our everyday life, in our careers, and in our relationships and friendships. In this gratitude there is no past or future; we are only truly living in this moment 100%. This gratitude mind is willing to accept and let go. In this gratitude, we will be humble in our willingness to take up responsibility and feel great honor to have a chance to pay it forward. May we all, in the year 2019, the year of the pig, live a life of gratitude, and then attain all the vows of the awakened, wise beings and help each other.

From Su Bong Monastery website