Bring Your Mind Back

Our minds are just insane. They're totally nuts. That’s what we do all the time. We go around making meanings, we make this good, this bad, something that I see as a lovely image of flowers and you see it as poisonous mushrooms — we’re both making something. We’re both doing that. It’s just exactly what it is. Can we see things exactly how they are? Not what we wish they were or we fear they were, but just what they are. Can we see that? That’s really really hard. It’s very difficult to break through.

So that’s our practice: just bring our mind back. Bring our mind back. Don’t let it be hijacked by all this other stuff — all this overthinking and over-emotionalizing, and over- this and over- that, overdoing all this stuff. Just bring our mind back to a simple mindless practice. All our practices are simple and mindless. You don’t need a PhD to do them. In fact they’re harder to do when you have a PhD. Just bring your mind back, just bring your mind back.

Zen Master Bon Haeteachings