The Only Really Important Thing


Is there a god or a creator? Is Buddhism a religion or is it just practicing Buddha’s teaching?Buddha was asked things like, "why did the universe appear?" "Is there some being that made the universe?" Things like that. "Does the Tathagata still live after the body dies?" Then he kept silence. I think sixteen or eighteen great questions he did not answer, he kept silent. Then one day one of the monks asked him “Sir, when we ask you this kind of question why do you keep silent?” Then he said "I only teach the cause of suffering, and the end of suffering. Speculative thinking will not end suffering.” So what this means then is that these questions like “did someone make the universe?”, things like that, you can’t know! So thinking about it, trying to make some answer is speculative thinking. That will not help you. This is not our business. That is why Buddha said “Don’t know!” But if you keep this don’t know mind, don’t worry about these kind of questions, you can see exactly how suffering and desire appears in your life, you can see it for yourself. Then, you can find how to take it away. That is the only really important thing in human life.