This Universe Can Embrace Anything

The realm of Buddha is nothing but to wake up to here and now. How can we do that? First is to keep our mind clear. For beginners, clear mind is very short. But with constant practice, our clear mind grows wider and clearer, clear not only like a mirror but like space. This universe can embrace everything. It’s the same with our mind. Even when we have this clear, wide mind, many things are still going on…coming and going, enjoyment and suffering, favorable and disgusting… It is like how in the clear sky there are airplanes, birds, lightning and thunderstorm. We have to allow them—our emotions and situations—to appear and to manifest without holding on to them or running away from them. Everything happens according to its time and place. Nothing is an accident. If we have this attitude in life, then we can experience what is freedom without hindrance. And we can experience every step with a fresh breeze.