Zen Bubbles

Many people are living under the influence of this I, my, me. They see in the world everywhere this I, my, me, when actually there is none. What do we see now? If we see things in front of us under the perspective of my opinion, my condition, we create our own bubble. “Buddha bubbles,” “Zen bubbles,” “Zen master bubbles.”  

When we attach to this bubble, we make good and bad, right and wrong, and we are fighting for my religion first, for my country first, for my family first, for ME first! We become blind and deaf to this suffering and the cries of this world. We even create more suffering. 

But, this life, it is not about our “I.” It is not about our gain or loss. What is this I? We cannot find it. Only don’t know. This don’t know is our original nature. We are this don’t know. No matter what situation, or what circumstances, we are this don’t know. 

So whatever comes, that is okay. Whatever we are doing, this don’t know is doing. This don’t know is manifest in 10,000 things. That means that living in this world means, for us, living this don’t know in each moment. Happiness comes, just only happy. Sadness comes, only sad. Paradise comes, welcome. Hell is welcome, too.  

Then we can use our happiness, our sadness, and also paradise and hell to help all beings. That is our job in our life. That is our direction. Enlightenment is just doing it. Let us just do it.