Strong Center & Clear Mind


Correct function of Buddha nature is not simply a matter of “Oh, I’ve got it.” Then what do you do moment to moment? This practice is about how we live our lives moment to moment, no matter what the situation is. If you are completely aware then you have no hindrance in your mind. You always see exactly what you supposed to do. That’s just part of your nature. But if your center is not strong then maybe you don’t do it. So it’s important to develop both a strong center and a clear mind because only then can you function.
The awareness is very important, seeing nature, seeing everything clearly moment to moment. But the strong center is just as important. Sitting Zen actually is designed, the posture and the practice is designed, to develop both, you know, clear mind and strong center [patting his lower abdomen], so the very strong foundation that we have, and keeping the energy here [pointing to his lower abdomen], using the breath to keep the energy here [touching his lower abdomen], like a mountain. Up here [laying his hand on top of his head], [on top of the] mountain everything is very clear. So sitting practice itself develops both.