YOU Made Your World

Question: Why can’t we stop thinking about the past, why can’t we live here and now? I know that the past is already over, but I still always hold it, especially towards things or people that disappointed me.


Zen Master Dae Bong: Oh you can! You just like holding the past. That’s a habit. Not complete. So, holding holding holding. You have to understand Buddha’s teaching is YOU made your world. I made my world. Dog made dog’s world. So you have to recover your power. Then if you don’t like your world, you can change it. How? Change inside! Change the way you hold things, or check things, or attach to things, or want things. You’re already doing this when you sit. Your mind appears. Wanting mind, attaching mind, checking mind, holding mind, appears. When you see that, put it down! Cut it! [Hits the table.] This point! And return to this moment’s correct action. Sit up straight. If you have too much pain, stand up. Breath in, breath out. Try to be aware of every breath. If you do mantra, do mantra. If you are counting breath, count your breath. That is already letting go of the past, letting go of the future, letting go of wanting, attaching, checking and holding. So we come to retreat, practice that. Then this ability to let go and do the correct situation becomes stronger. We call that your “don’t know center”. Don’t know means not making “I”. “I” is always making something. I want something, I am attaching to something, I am checking something, I am holding something. When you keep the correct situation and function and relationship, [you’re] not making anything! Just following the universe. The Chinese say “Dao”. Already, you and this “Dao” become one. Not thinking! Doing it! Doing it! So, the only reason we hold the past and think about the future is habit. Bad habit. Not skillful.