We Are All Guests in This World

If you use something, you must take care of what you use. You use your clothes, so you must take care of your clothes. You use your car, so you take care of your car. You eat food, so you take care of the food to keep it fresh. You use this world. You use the things from this world, so you must take care of this world. That's correct life! Only I use, use, use things. That's not correct life! If I use these things, I must take care of these things. The name for that is obligation to this world. That name is harmony and balance. That name is world peace. 

When human beings think about peace, they mean "I use this world for me." Everything in this world is for me. That's human being's idea of peace. But correct peace and world peace means, "I use things and I take care of this world." Before I came to Hong Kong, I was with my friend, an old lady who was 96 years old. One day I went to visit her and took her out, driving around the beach, eating ice cream. Then I took her back to the nursing home and said, "Bye, bye," and she said to me, "We are all guests in this world, bye, bye!" We are all guests in this world. That's important. So if you are a guest, respecting this world is necessary.