Once, long ago Mun Su Bosal went to a gathering of all Buddhas. Just then, all the Buddhas returned to their original seats. Only one woman remained, seated near Shakyamuni Buddha, deep in samadhi. Mun Su Sari asked the Buddha, “Why can a woman sit so close to you and I cannot?” The Buddha told Mun Su Sari, “You wake her up from samadhi and ask her yourself.” Mun Su Sari walked around the woman three times and snapped his fingers. Then, he took her in the palm of his hand, carried her to heaven and used transcendent energy on her, but could not wake her up. Buddha said, “If one hundred Mun Su Saris appeared, they also could not wake her up. Down below, past twelve hundred million countries, there is Ma Myung Bosal, who will be able to wake her up from samadhi.” Immediately, Ma Myung Bosal emerged out of the earth and bowed to the Buddha, who gave him the command. Ma Myung walked in front of the woman and snapped his fingers only once. At this, the woman woke up from samadhi and stood up from her seat.