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Zen Master Su Bong: It's like this: during sitting our karma energy (our back seat driver)—our desires, anger and ignorance—begins to lose control and our Dharma energy increases. Our back seat driver does not like this at all, so when we return to a daily routine this back seat driver says, "ah ha, here's my chance", and wants to pull you this way and that, wants to use up and break down dharma energy, wants to be in control again. This small "I" does not want to die, it does not want to lose control so it pulls you here and there.... and old habits and patterns appear. If you only try to push this back seat driver down, push it away, it will only use more energy, then finally kill you. So Margaret, let it be, please don't check your feelings, condition or situation, just let it be. I know it's easy to say but another thing to do it. That is, moment to moment, if you are doing something JUST DO IT... but we, each and everyone of us, must try that... so we say for 10,000 years non-stop try, try, try. That's so important, you know. 
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