The Key to Zen Practice

Everybody in this world always forgets about their true self. Where is your true self? How can you find your true self? Everyone is always losing themselves in the constant desire for food and sex and money and entertainment and social approval and sleep. We get one of these for a few passing moments, and then we think, "Oh, wonderful! Now I got it!" But in just that moment, we have forgotten our true self even as the pleasure of that desire is already passing. We have lost our way to our original home. Allowing ourselves to be pulled around by desire and anger is not correct practice, and it is not correct life, because it always leads directly to suffering. How you keep your mind in this moment makes your whole life. So be very careful! When you are watching a movie or eating, working very hard or sitting on the beach, don't ever forget your true self. "What am I? Where is my true self?” Don't know.... Never forget your Great Question. This question is the key to your one true treasure, the only treasure that you can ever take with you when you go. Keeping this way is the key to Zen practice.