Correct Life

What is the meaning of Sangha, the treasure of Sangha? Sangha is the ethical side of our life, which means having "correct life." Correct life comes from your will, from your center. This means taking away bad habits, and following a good way which helps all beings. If your center is not moving, then having correct life is possible. We also refer to that as "correct direction." That's the Buddha's basic teaching—keeping a correct direction. "Why do I want to do this or that? Only for me, or for all beings?" In order to keep our correct direction, however, we need some basic rules or guidelines for our life. These rules, or precepts, always point us toward saving all beings. Precepts are not rules to limit our actions; precepts mean correct direction. If you follow these precepts, you attain goodness. Then only correct action appears by itself: you don't check inside, you don't check outside. Moment to moment just doing it is possible, because these precepts already point the way to our correct job of helping all beings. Then you can believe in your true self one hundred percent. One name for that is "freedom"; another name is "holiness." This is also called "become Buddha."