Family Practice

Question: In many families now, both parents have to work. They also have children and social responsibilities. How can the parents make a living, raise a family and still have time to practice?

Zen Master Seung Sahn: If you have children and both parents are working, it can be very difficult to practice, especially if you live outside of a Zen center. So, some kind of together action practicing with children is necessary. Simple exercises like breathe in, breathe out; hands up, hands down, like in tai chi; make a circle with your arms and breathe deeply. Children like doing these kinds of exercises with their parents. You can do this together action at home every morning and evening, just for ten minutes. Then, maybe you can sit for a while, with the children joining you for a few minutes. Parents should also do one hundred and eight bows every day, together. Altogether, the practice should take one hour every day.