Winter Kyol Che 2018-2019

Kyol Che means tight practicing. If you have mind, it's very important to do tight practicing. If you can put it all down, then everything becomes "no problem"; but if you are holding something and are thinking, then doing Kyol Che is very important. If you do tight practicing then it's possible to take away your mind: your thinking, your situation, your condition, your problem. Then you can attain your True Self and save all beings. This is our direction.—Zen Master Seung Sahn

Winter Kyol Che retreat season starts off on October 20 in Hong Kong, November 22 in Korea, January 5 in the U.S.A., and Jan 6 in Europe. The global Heart Kyol Che program will also be taking place this year to support your practice around any circumstances which might not allow you to participate in any of the regular Kyol Ches taking place worldwide. Please see below for more information about the various Kyol Ches around the globe and for the Heart Kyol Che registration link.