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Summer Kyol Che (Korea)


Tuesday May 29th – Saturday August 25th

Summer Kyol Che 2018 at Musangsa is on a new schedule that includes formal practice, working, hiking, together action and experiencing Zen temple life. All are welcome to join and benefit from this new style of Kyol Che. It’s a unique opportunity to benefit from practicing together with monks, nuns, international practitioners, and receiving regular teaching from the guiding teachers. Kyol Che at Musangsa can be a valuable experience in making a foundation for Zen practice when returning to your respective home countries. Please read carefully the following information before submitting your application.

The first 2 months - “Action Zen Retreat”

Entry days are every other Saturday. The daily schedule during these 2 months will consist of basic formal practice in the morning & evening with regular kong-an interviews twice a week, together action activities that includes additional formal practice, group work, hiking and other events during the day, following a more flexible schedule (see below) depending on Korea’s summer monsoon conditions.

The last 1 month - “Sitting Zen Retreat”

Entry days are every Saturday. Follows the daily formal Kyol Che practice schedule. Those joining the “Sitting Zen Retreat” must participate in the full practice schedule (see below) and keep strict silence throughout.* *This also applies to all monks and nuns. The monks and nuns who work to support the retreat take part in basic formal morning & evening practice, and can do additional practice as they are available in a separate meditation room. They can also register for the “Sitting Zen Retreat” for a week when someone else covers their job for that week. 

Entry Dates - Saturdays only, *except where indicated below

May 27th - *Sunday (For international participants entering at the start of the retreat on Tuesday, May 29. Participants travelling locally from Korea starting retreat on May 29, may enter by Monday, May 28 by 12pm.
June 9th, 23rd
July 7th, 21st
July 27th *Friday (The first entry for the “Sitting Zen Retreat”) 
August 4th, 11th, 18th

Basic Requirements (minimum one week participation)

The retreat is open to all who have had some experience of meditation in a Kwan Um School of Zen center and can sit for a minimum of one week. (Monks and nuns are required to sit for the full 90 days.) Applicants must be over 18 years old and are expected to stay for the complete period for which they have applied. Retreat accommodation is in simple, shared rooms, sleeping on the floor (heated in winter) with mattresses.

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