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Winter Kyol Che (Hong Kong)

Winter Kyol Che 2017

Information for Retreat at Gak Su Temple Lantau Island, Hong Kong

The "2017 Winter Kyol Che" will be conducted from November 5, 2017 to January 28, 2018.

Join us in Hong Kong for a wonderful winter kyol che.

Surrounded by mountains on either side, the quiet and simple surroundings of Gak Su Temple provide a nurturing environment for retreats. Gak Su Temple is a place for all beings to restore both body and mind, to become one with nature, and to attain their true selves and help this world.

Formal practice at Gak Su Temple consists of sitting and walking meditation, bowing, chanting and kong-an interviews (surf photo albums of 2016 Winter Kyol Che or albums on Facebook). These forms are used as techniques to perceive our before-thinking mind, our don’t know mind. With practice, we are able to use our Zen training to attain wisdom and compassion, bring it back to our everyday life situations and, moment to moment, attain correct situation, correct relationship and correct function.

Zen Master Dae Kwan and Myong Hae Sunim JDPSN will be the guiding teachers for the retreat. From time to time other Kwan Um School of Zen teachers might join the retreat.

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Winter Kyol Che (Korea)