Inka Dharma Combat

Question: So you're from Great Brightness Zen Center. Zen Master Chinul was talking about brightness. He said the whole point of practice is to trace the brightness back. So when you trace the brightness back where does it go?Pastor PSN: The light above you is shining brightly. Q: Thank you.

Q: So you live in Las Vegas and tickets to Cirque de Soleil are a hundred dollars a piece. Can you get me a free ticket to Cirque de Soleil? PPSN: Get out your wallet.

Q: I was noticing during the ceremony that Olivia kind of wanders off and then returns to her mother, and also Justine is sitting with her father, and Kimball is sitting with his mother. So, how do children know to return to their parents? PPSN: Where do your parents live? Q: I don't know! PPSN: Well, when you find out, come ask me again. Q: Okay.

Q: Hi, I have a friend from Las Vegas. When I first met him I didn't know that people actually lived in Las Vegas, and so I said, "How can you live in Las Vegas?" And he said, "Oh no, it's okay, there are plenty of normal people there." And I don?t know you at all, so how can you show me that you're normal, one of the normal ones? PPSN: The floor is yellow, the cushion is blue. Q: Thank you.

Q: Thom, earlier, I overheard a conversation in the hallway in which you were asked if maybe you would play the saxophone tonight, and you hesitated and it didn't seem like you would. Tonight will be a celebration and if tonight you don't play the saxophone, how will you celebrate? PPSN: Be Bop Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Q: Thank you for playing.