Transmission Dharma Combat

On April 15, 2001 Zen Master Bon Soeng received transmission from Zen Master Seung Sahn at Kye Ryong Sahn International Zen Center/Mu Sahn Sah. Question: Since the ceremony is being held in Korea, your family could not come, and they really wanted to be here. So, your mother and your older brother and your younger brother have sent a question for you. And they really want to know. The question is, what is a nice Jewish boy doing in a place like this? Zen Master Bon Soeng: You already understand. Q: I do? ZMBS: I?m sitting here talking to my beautiful wife. Q: Thank you for your teaching. ZMBS: My pleasure.

Q: There are many big things in this universe. But what is the largest thing in this universe? ZMBS: You already understand. Q: So, I ask you. ZMBS: Your bald head. Q: Oh, thank you.

Q: You know, Jessica and I, we traveled all the way from Boston to the ceremony. Took us twenty hours by plane. We came to be really impressed. We?re not satisfied with just the normal ceremony. So, please, impress us. ZMBS: You already understand. Q: No, not yet. ZMBS: Please turn around and look out that window. Q: Pine tree. ZMBS: Is that enough? Q: No. ZMBS: Dog runs after the bone.

Q: I have a question regarding your teaching. Zen Master Dae Kwan came here a few days ago, and she was praying every day to Kwan Seum Bosal. She was doing a kido. So, I thought she wants to make sure she receives transmission, so she?s praying to Kwan Seum Bosal. My question is, what kind of prayer did you do in California before you came here? ZMBS: You already understand. Q: No. I don?t. ZMBS: [Chants Kwan Seum Bosal.] Q: Thank you, that?s a good prayer. I think you?ll get transmission, no problem.