Membership in Kwan Um Zen Online is primarily available to anyone who is geographically located too far from any Kwan Um Zen center, or who has challenging circumstances that prevent them from being able to practice with a local sangha. 


In addition to the free practice services available to everyone (streaming practice, live Question & Answer sessions, email correspondence) KUOS Membership includes these additional services and benefits for members only:

  • Regular private online kong-an interviews
  • Discounts on retreats and sangha events at KUSZ centers
  • Online workshops and dharma talks
  • Participation in the private WhatsApp group
  • Participation in the private Facebook group

KUOS Membership Fees*:

  • KUOS membership fee for North America: 30 USD/month
  • KUOS membership fee for Central & South America & Mexico: 20 USD/month
  • KUOS membership fee for Europe & Middle East: 20 EUR/month,
    10EUR/month for these countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Lithuania
  • KUOS membership fee for Asia, Australasia, and Africa: USD20/month

*If you’re from a country that is not part of these regions, please contact us for further information. 

If you have any questions about membership, please contact us: 

*Please note: It is not possible to transfer membership from a regular KUSZ membership to KUOS membership except in very special circumstances and with the approval of the home Zen center’s guiding teacher and/or respective administrative body.

Join the Kwan Um Online Sangha

If you'd like to become a member of the Kwan Um Online Sangha, please sign up below.  To find out if you're located near a local Kwan Um Zen center, please see our lists of locations by region.