January 5 - April 5, 2019

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What is Kyol Che?

"Kyol Che” is an intensive Zen retreat, traditionally held for 90 days in summer and winter in monasteries and temples in Korea. The name means “tight dharma” or “coming together.” We continue this tradition by offering Kyol Che retreats twice a year in Asia, Europe, and North America, but with the modern innovation of allowing participation for shorter periods of time. Many students travel to participate in Kyol Che on a different continent in order to practice with new teachers and experience practice with our international community.

What is the Heart Kyol Che?

The Heart Kyol Che is an opportunity for students who cannot sit the traditional Kyol Che, or who can sit only part of it, to participate by doing extra practice at home and practicing together with others as they are able. This will run concurrently with the traditional Kyol Che. By doing this Heart Kyol Che together, we will strengthen our own practice, and provide support to our fellow students who are able to sit the traditional Kyol Che. We in turn can draw inspiration and energy from their commitment.

Why participate in Heart Kyol Che?

Heart Kyol Che is an opportunity to deepen our practice:

Our commitment to Heart Kyol Che is not just for ourselves, but helps us realize our vow to help all beings. It helps make our center strong and our direction clear. The energy of our practice manifests throughout our life, helping our family, our friends, our coworkers and all beings. As the Buddha said, "If one mind is clear then the whole universe is clear."

Participating in Heart Kyol Che can help us develop a regular daily practice:

Many of us find it difficult to form the habit of daily Zen practice on our own. Making a shared commitment with others can help provide the support to turn Zen practice into an integrated part of our daily routine.

Being part of the Heart Kyol Che groups allows us to support others and be supported:

Participating in Heart Kyol Che can help us connect more deeply with other practitioners, forming dharma friendships that help sustain our practice and the practice of sangha members.

How can I participate?

  • Fill out the registration form here: https://www.kwanumzenonline.org/p/heart-kyol-che

  • Go to the Kwan Um Zen Online Facebook group and post your Heart Kyol Che commitment there. (If you’re not already part of the group, please join in order to encourage others and find support yourself during Heart Kyol Che.) Also, consider posting regular updates there about your Heart Kyol Che practice in order to encourage others.

  • If you can, join regular streaming practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 am PST.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email with any questions or concerns about the Heart Kyol Che: online@kwanumzen.org

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Can any existing KUSZ member join? Is this program only for online sangha members?

Yes, any KUSZ member can join this program. It's for all member of the Kwan Um School of Zen, not just online sangha members. We’d like to encourage as many people as possible to practice together because this is a great opportunity to connect our international sangha through commitment to practice. 

Will my guiding teacher be informed about my Heart Kyol Che practice commitment?

Yes, we'll send your guiding teacher a copy of your completed registration form so that they can also check in with you and provide support to you during this program.

What if I have questions during Heart Kyol Che?

You can contact us with any questions or concerns either in the Facebook group or by emailing us: online@kwanumzen.org

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